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Moodle Course News 2014.07.26
by Todd Chang - Wednesday, 8 November 2017, 09:08 AM

Greetings, PEMNetwork Moodle users.

As you know, we are making large changes to the moodle page.  One of the changes is that the moodle site allows you to create your accounts by yourself.  This makes is much easier to join in and retrieve lost passwords, etc.  

However, this also means that it opens some courses to security breaches.  Therefore, effective July 26, 2014, all courses will have an enrolment key that you should have obtained from your program directors or course directors prior to joining the course.  Some courses allow guest access with a guess password as well.  Without this enrolment key, you will not be able to join a new course.  If you already joined a course previously, this should not change your access.

Please let us know how we can further help at PEMFellows.com@gmail.com .


-Todd P Chang, MD

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

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